About Kale Recovery & Car Sales

Kale Recovery & Car Sales is a company built on trust and experience. We take things seriously when it comes to car sales & towing cars. We know how hard it is to take care of your car and we are aware that whatever you do, sometimes, unexpected accidents may occur.

Who we are – The background

We are a UK based company which has extended its business further with the goal of helping drivers, business owners and people who simply can’t handle some situations regarding their cars. Our mission is to come with at least one solution for any problem. Learn more.

What recommends us?

Our team of professionals is known for its experience and seriousness. We are offering fast and authorized help. Our company’s values are straightforward. We strive to stay punctual, affordable, reliable and always available to assist our customers at any time.

20 Years Experience


Company Overview

After years of work, Kale Recovery has gained more experience and more advanced industry education which makes us a leading name in our business. Our customer satisfaction is reflected in our high leading rate of repeat and referral business.

Flatbed Towing

Our new fleet with latest tools and technology ensures that your vehicle reaches its destination unscathed.

Tow Away

A car is blocking your driveway? Someone parked in your parking space? Call us and we’ll assist you to solve your worries!

Fuel Delivery

Did you forget to refill and now you’re stuck? Call us at Kale Recovery and we’ll bring fuel to your place. We will come and fill your tank up for you real quick.

Battery Jumpstart

Is your vehicle not starting? Maybe, your battery is the issue. We will give it a boost. Kale Recovery will assist you get past this problem in no time!

Flat Tyre Change

Have you fallen victim to London potholes? We will deliver and install a tire right on the spot. It saves you time, the hassle and any unnecessary damage that you might face finding a tyre shop.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Car break down at the wrong place and the wrong time? Keep calm and call us at Kale Recovery, we’ll provide emergency roadside assistance anytime, anywhere!

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